Reflexology uses specialised techniques to locate reflex points on the feet and hands, that correspond to all parts of the body including different organs and internal body structures. A specific pressure technique is applied to find where there are imbalances in certain areas. By stimulating the reflex points, it can help the corresponding organ will function more efficiently and that any areas of blocked energy (‘chi’ energy), will be released, so that an unimpeded flow of energy around the body is restored. It is a safe and effective treatment, that can stimulates the body’s innate ability to re-balance itself.

At Divine Treatments, we offer a 60 minute reflexology session and a 75 minute reflexology session, which includes a blissful extended foot massage with hot stones to finish the treatment.

£64 / 60 min. ~ £74 / 75 min.

Reflexology is also included in a few of our Luxury Treatment Packages where you can enjoy it alongside other glorious treatments!