There’s nothing quite like our facials to make you feel uplifted with gorgeous skin. We use natural based products to give your skin a wonderful boost. A bespoke, unique and personalised aromatherapy facial oil blend will also be created to aid your skin’s needs.

Our facials involve a deep cleanse, exfoliation, toner, mask (including a scalp massage), facial massage and moisturise. Our ninety minute facial treatments include more time massaging the scalp, neck and shoulders with concentrated pressure point techniques on the face.


Everyday life can take its toll on your complexion as pollution, makeup and wear and tear can leave us with a build-up of oils, inflammation and blemishes. Our balancing, deep cleansing facial reduces pores, purifies skin and stimulates the growth of new skin cells leaving your skin squeaky clean and refreshed.

Particularly suitable for combination skin, this facial helps reduce oiliness and refines your skin texture. Our products in this range have Witch Hazel to provide a thorough yet gentle deep cleanse with Mallow and Cucumber extract to soften, along with perfectly hydrating the skin. Afterwards, your skin’s radiance will be restored from impurities, excess oils and dead skin cells being removed.


This facial is ideal for sensitive skin. Using our most gentle products, with protective ingredients including Vitamin E, Mulberry and Pomegranate extract; your skin will feel soothed and refreshed afterwards.


Best for dry skin, this hydrating facial provides very effective hydration; using products containing cotton extract, aloe vera and balm mint.

We also feature facials in our Luxury Treatment Packages