In the beauty department, we provide;

  • Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting
  • Hand & Foot Pampering Treatments
  • Callus Peel Foot Treatments
  • Body Exfoliating Treatments


Tinting the eyelashes and eyebrows make the eyes look more vivid, expressive and attractive from fuller looking brows along with an eye-opening mascara effect that lasts. It is very practical and time-saving as it lessens the need for daily cosmetic application. This can be particularly beneficial for contact lens wearers as mascara can cause eye irritation.

In the treatment, the brows and/or lashes are gently cleansed before the tint is carefully applied. For brows, the tint is left for several seconds, before being removed and this is repeated until the desired shade is achieved. The tint is removed using damp cotton pads. It only takes 5 minutes to tint eyebrows and 10 minutes for eyelashes. Arrange a tinting appointment and give your brows and lashes the attention they deserve.

Please note a patch test is required for new clients, which needs to be applied at least 48 hours before the actual tint treatment.


This uplifting sea salt back exfoliation with essential oils removes dead, flaky skin cells and opens your pores. To finish, a rich moisturiser is applied to soothe and rejuvenate your skin. You will feel refreshed afterwards with smoother, softer skin.

Ideal as an Add-On treatment, see Massages & Luxury Treatment Packages.

Body Exfoliation

This relaxing and rejuvenating treatment removes dead, rough and flaky skin cells, opens your pores and moisturises your skin. Each area is exfoliated and then moisturiser is applied to hydrate your skin, so you feel refreshed and soothed afterwards.


This pampering hand treatment involves a nail soak, nail tidy, hand exfoliation, hand mask with heated mitts, hand and arm massage. We use our Kaeso manicure range designed to nourish, moisturise and promote healthy hands and nails. Clear polish to finish is optional.


Our pampering foot treatment involves a relaxing soak, dry skin removal, a thorough refreshing exfoliation, nail tidy, nourishing mask with heated booties, a soothing foot and lower leg massage. This treatment is ideal for relieving sore and tired feet. Clear polish applied to finish is optional.

Hand & Foot Pampering Treatment

This pampering package treats both your hands and feet and is great value overall. Enjoy a nail soak, nail tidy, thorough exfoliation, masks with heated mitts along with booties, and massage. We use our a luxury manicure and pedicure range designed to nourish, moisturise and promote healthy hands and nails. Clear polish to finish is optional.

Callus Removal

This treatment helps to lessen hard, callused skin, leaving your feet feeling soft, smoother and revitalised. This treatment is particularly helpful if you are on your feet for long stretches of time, which can cause the heels and sides of feet to harden and feel dry.

Callus removing solution is applied on the feet to soften the hard layers of skin before your feel are covered and a nail tidy is done. Afterwards, the dead, dry skin is effectively removed before a special moisturising cream is applied and massaged onto your feet.

We recommend having at least two sessions (two weeks apart from each other to see a considerable difference). It is best to moisturise your feet regularly, especially after the treatment to maintain results.

Callus Peel & Foot Pampering Treatment

Enjoy two treatments in one! Dry skin on the feet are treated and removed with the callus peel; and the foot pampering treatment provides a thorough nail tidy, a refreshing exfoliation, a nourishing mask, along with a soothing foot and lower leg massage. Your feet will look positively different after this pedicure and make you feel like you are walking on air. Please note polish is not included in this treatment.